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We are keeping it simple this time, but also stepping it up a notch!

Lakewood Heritage Center

I picked everyone's favorite nature location: Lakewood Heritage Center. Now matter how often we shoot there, we always find a new magical spot and create a new look. Pick Lakewood Heritage Center for a whimsical look surrounded by nature and vintage buildings. Little kids love the old farm equipment and the beautiful willow tree by the lake. We will be walking for less than 1 mile and portable potties are available, so this is ideal for everyone! 



Loc: heritage center
mccaslin (30)

Rino Art District

RiNo Art District is so colorful and the perfect place if you are looking for a more urban look. Kids will love all the different pieces of art while we explore. There is always something new to find. We will be walking for less than one mile, however there are no public restrooms nearby. 


Loc: RiNo

Pastel Party

We found the perfect location for our first styled mini sessions. I hope you are up for an adventure! This building is in the middle of an empty parking lot and it is going to be perfect for what I have planned for our Pastel Party! There will be glitter! There will be unicorns! And we will get artsy with some light. I will be bringing props to this session, since we are going for a sparkly look. There will be no walking involved! We will stay put in one place and get creative! 


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